Affiliate program
The initial step of the Affitrum project is to distribute $AFFI to community members in a manner that is both equitable and decentralised.

Affidrop Information

Total Allocated for Affidrop: 40,000,000 $AFFI
Distribution type: Self Claim
Eligibility: Perform All tasks to claim
Per claim: $10 worth $AFFI (~100 $AFFI TOKENS)
Per Referral: 5% of claimed AFFI token by invitee.
Daily Unlock Rate: 0.5% Daily
Monthly Unlock Rate: 15% monthly
Airdrop Referral Unlock date: TBA
The affidrop value in USDT per participant will range between $15 - $20 depending on the market situation. You can copy your referral link and invite friends from the dashboard.


  • Users must successfully perform all tasks to be eligible to claim the Airdrop. Claiming the Airdrop will also require that users have a small amount of ARB-ETH in their wallets for GAS fees to be able to successfully claim this Airdrop. Users can only claim once, on one device and one IP address, after performing the tasks correctly.
  • Everyone can join this Airdrop. To get the airdrop, you have to visit the Airdrop page, connect your wallet, and complete all tasks. And claim the Airdrop. This AirDrop has a GAS cost of $0.2 - $0.3 upon task completion.
  • When you claim $AFFI tokens, they will be deposited into your wallet immediately, but they will be locked, so you won't be able to trade them right away. This vesting was implemented by the Affitrum team to prevent excessive dumping of the Airdrop token.
  • We designed a 25% automatic monthly unlock plan for the Airdrop tokens for sustainability, which essentially means that 25% of the amount in your wallet is automatically unlocked every month. The unlock begins the second you claim the token, and a little percentage is unlocked every second, resulting in a monthly unlock of 25%.
  • Each second after you make a claim, the amount of unlocked $AFFI is updated in the 'Tradeable Balance' row of your dashboard. Unlocked $AFFI tokens can be sold immediately or allowed to compound over time and then sold whenever. The dashboard provides constant visibility into this data.
  • $AFFI tokens received from airdrop referrals are locked until the end of our presale. An unlock plan will be announced after the presale.
Note: The AFFITRUM team reserves the right to adjust the unlock speed or the airdrop claim amount at any time for the sake of sustainability. You must agree to these terms before you may claim our airdrop.