Affitrum DAO

The Affitrum team designed a governance system for the Affitrum DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by token holders. Token holders in the Affitrum DAO project will have a voice in governance decisions. Its goal is to control where the product goes and how it evolves. Token holders will control the ecosystem's fundamental features and decide on its most important policies via a public governance module created by Affitrium network Council

Affitrum DAO Council

With more companies joining the Affitrum ecosystem, our goal is to build a totally decentralized AdTech infrastructure governed by the Affitrum DAO. To achieve this, on the next stage of DAO development, we plan to establish a council of finite number of members. Those members will come from the core team, the community and the most involved companies in the ecosystem.

The Council’s debates and votes will take place on the Affitrum Social media pages.

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