$Affi Tokenomics

Contract: 0xdd839b26B9d5c10b8744832192EF9971300Ee4BA



Decimal: 6

Total supply: 100,000,000 $AFFI


  • Airdrop - 40% (40,000,000 $AFFI)

  • Private Sale - 0.5% (500,000 $AFFI)

  • Liquidity & CEX Listings -19.5% (19,500,000 $AFFI)

  • Burn - 24% (24,000,000 $AFFI)

  • Rewards to Holders - 16% (16,000,000 $AFFI)


  • Airdrop Allocation

40% of the total supply of $AFFI has been allocated to airdrop distribution. This is a portion of the $AFFI tokens that will be distributed across eligible participants who perform the correct tasks.

  • Private Sales

We will undertake an initial private sale of $AFFI tokens to raise the necessary funds to launch the $AFFI token. After that, the initiative will be launched, and all funds raised will be used to establish initial liquidity at CAMELOT. The date of the private sale will be announced on our social networks accordingly.

Hardcap for the private sale will be $40,000.

  • Liquidity and CEX Listing

After the private sale, the affitrum USDT-AFFI pool will be created, initial liquidity will be added with the funds raised, trading and the airdrop campaign will commence.

We will also commence meeting with CEXs to discuss CEX listings, beginning with MEXC. Others will follow based on what the community desires.

Initial Camelot listing price 1 $AFFI = 0.1 USDT

  • Weekly Burn

According to our roadmap, the Affitrum team will burn 2% of the total supply every week from the date of launch until 24% of the total supply has been burned. We will publicize burn events on social media platforms.

  • Rewards to holders

16% of all $AFFI tokens are allocated to the AFFI staking pool, from which rewards will be distributed to all $AFFI holders. The added rewards to the staking pool allow for a high APR, which encourages more investors to purchase and stake $AFFI tokens. The staking area is accessible via our Dashboard and is available to all holders of $AFFI.

AFFI Tax Distribution and usecases

The 9% buy-and-sell tax system uses are as follows

  • 1% of every buy and sell is automatically burned (creating scarcity and demand)

  • 1% of every buy and sell is added to the AFFI-USDT Liquidity pool.

  • 1% of every buy and sell is sent to the buyer's or seller's referrer as a reward for referring. (see Referrals section for more information.)

  • 1% of every buy and sell is converted to USDT and sent to the Luckydrop pool to reward the Luckydrop Winner at the end of every 30-minute round. (see the Lucky Drop section for more info.)

  • 2% is sent to the Development and Marketing wallet.

  • 3% is sent to the AFFI staking pool. This is the pool that rewards $AFFI stakers and $TRUM bridgefarmers. (See the Staking section for more info.)

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