$AFFI Staking

We Launched staking of $AFFI tokens to enable the intensive of holding $AFFI tokens for long time. $AFFI holders can stake the token in our AFFI staking pool to earn rewards.

Below are the staking information

  • Stakeable token: $AFFI

  • Earning token: $AFFI

  • Minimum Stake: 100 $AFFI Tokens

  • Maximum Stake: No Limit

  • Reward (APY): ~180% (annually)

  • Can Compound Rewards: Yes. (Harvest and Re-Compound)

  • Capital Lock: No lock duration

  • Claiming Lock: 10 minutes after each claim.


To begin, Go to the staking page, connect your wallet, enter the stake amount, approve, and start staking.

Your $AFFI rewards will accumulate in the “Tradable Balance” area. You can claim it every 10 minutes. To claim, simply click the "Claim" button, all unclaimed tokens will be sent to your wallet.

If you do not wish to stake anymore, click the “Withdraw” button and withdraw your principal amount.

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