$TRUM Bridge-Farm

Earn Promising Rewards by Staking $TRUM (during pre-sale) and Earning $AFFI with an Incredible 401% APY. We refer to this as the TRUM BRIDGE-STAKING FEATURE.

Staking enables investors to earn passive income without actively trading or watching the market. You can passively accumulate $AFFI tokens by simply holding and staking $TRUM tokens.

Below are the Bridge-Farm Infomations

  • Bridge Token: $TRUM

  • Earning token: $AFFI Reward (APY): ~401% (annually)

  • Can compound rewards: Compounding is Automatically done as you purchase more $TRUM

  • Capital Lock: NO LOCK. Presale tokens can be claimed at the end of the presale

  • Claiming Lock: 10 minutes after each claim.


Acquire $TRUM tokens: Participate in the $TRUM presale. You can see the purchased amount of $TRUM tokens (after purchase) from your dashboard.

Go to the TRUM BRIDGE-FARM, the total purchased amount from presale will be highlighted. Connect your wallet and tap on the initialize bridge-farm Button,

Begin staking your $TRUM tokens, and you will earn $AFFI tokens as rewards. Per second according to our APY.

You can find accumulated rewards under the “Unharvested $AFFI Rewards” area. To Claim your rewards, just click the Claim button and the AFFI tokens will be sent to your wallet


  • Your presale TRUM tokens can be staked on this bridge-farm. You still own these tokens and can claim them after the presale.

  • After you start the bridge-farm, you don’t need to do anything. you just harvest your AFFI rewards continuously.

  • After commencing bridge-farming, buying more TRUM tokens will auto-compound to the farming capital, increasing your rewards.

  • After the presale is ended, claiming your $TRUM tokens to your wallet automatically terminates the bridge-farming. If you wish to continue staking $TRUM you will have to Re-Stake them from the newly created $TRUM staking page. This will be announced later towards the end of the presale.

  • The APY is currently fixed at ~401% during the presale, but may fluctuate after the presale and when launched to markets. This is due to more/less demand and $TRUM price fluctuations.

  • If you do not wish to stake anymore, click the “Terminate Bridge-Farming” button and this terminates bridge-farming on your dashboard. You will be able to claim your $TRUM tokens to your wallet after the Last Presale round is finalized

BRIDGEFARM PAGE: https://affitrum.ai/bridgefarm

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